Saturday, June 12, 2010

Logo Series

I was given the task of making a logo for one of our newly acquired farmers' markets, Somersville Towne Center. The farmers' market is located in an outdoor shopping mall, so I thought I'd design the logo to look similar to the Somersville Towne Center logo.

I made the font to look like the font they use for the shopping center's logo. The Director presented the logo to the board and came back with a few critiques. They wanted something that was more eye-catching and had elements of the town thrown in, the bridge or the Delta, with lots of fruits and vegetables. This was the second concept.

My director and I brainstormed and decided to make a picture logo of the Antioch bridge with a bunch of fruits and vegetables floating down the Delta. I e-mailed the newly designed logo and the board asked if we could put the fruits and vegetables on the bank, rather than floating down the Delta.

I made the revisions and sent this concept off to them. They still weren't feeling it and decided to go in a completely different direction. Instead they asked if I could make a picnic basket with a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables. So this is what I made.

I made the basket and stuffed it with a bunch of produce found in the market and included the original font I created for the first logo. I sent if off for approval and they said yes. It was just what they wanted.

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