Monday, May 24, 2010

Darth Vader Wants YOU to Join the Empire

So I recently made a propaganda style merchant poster for one of my work's farmers' markets, but before I got working on it I did a Google search for some World War II propaganda posters for inspiration. A few pages in, I started to find a ton of Star Wars propaganda posters, encouraging young space folk to join the Empire. They were pretty sweet.

Naturally, I totally forgot the task-at-hand and started searching for more Star Wars propaganda posters. I think my favorite is "Rebuild the Death Star", but there are a ton of other great ones out there. They almost convince me to join the Empire. Almost.

Here's my finished product I came up with. Pretty simple, but it gets the job done. There was a little controversy at work if a propaganda merchant poster would go over well for a farmers' market located at a hospital for Army veterans, but I reminded my co-workers that the US had propaganda posters, too, and who says that supporting local farmers is all that bad?

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